Hey guys, im new to this forum & new to the sport!

i just recently purchased a 1990 kawasaki 550sx stand up jet ski. it runs PERFECT and ive had a ball with it. ive taken it out about 6x now and i keep getting better & better.

my problem happened with my last time out. i noticed it was bogging down a lot under heavy throttle so i brought it back in and immediately noticed the hull was about half way full of water!
the waves were really rough (i go in the hudson river )

however i didn't see any cracks ANYWHERE in the hull, and it never happened before this last run...
it was filling up about every 20 minutes of riding...
i know i hit some big waves but i feel like somethins going on here.
when i got home i filled it up with fresh water and didnt notice ANY water leaking out...so what could be the problem?
i checked my seal on the cover by spraying a hose all over it, but no water got in.

the only thing i can think of, is maybe under throttle load the pump sucks in water into the engine bay? anyone ever have a problem like this? what should i do?

thanks in advance guys.