I am currently running this - http://www.jetworks.zoomshare.com/ - kit. (Excuse my usage of parts, but I havent been around lately lol) This kit requires the accel. pump (?) hole in the transom for water and thus I have to use duckbills. I came to find out that the duckbills actually leak water into the hull Due to some misfortunes, the ski is apart right now and I have a chance to rework some things.
So, should I hook the accel pump back up and hook up the kit the "Bill Cosca way"? I believe that his way does get water from the pump, but from water already flowing through the exaust, but it just uses a JW valve to let water in to the water box at certain RPMS. Is this way safe, and is there enough pressure and water flow?

Im looking to get back in the game..