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    Smoke when Starting

    I finally finished getting my Polaris 1995 SL650 ready and want to take it out on the water this weekend. The ski was starting up great in the driveway (without any water) i was only leaving it on for a maximum of 10-20 seconds and didn't start it often. It started up strong all those times and then today it took a real long time to crank and when I got it to start it smoked a lot and would stall when idle (which it wasn't doing before). Is this a bad sign that it was smoking so much out of the back and what could it be? Did I start it too many times without water running through it or what? I was going to drop it in the water Saturday but now I'm kind of concerned. Any thoughts?

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    Adam, check the plugs. Those were a bit old and used looking. They may be oil fouled and causing an issue. Try getting the BPR8ES plugs and see what happens. Also the fuel filters may be plugged up now from running, check them out too.

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