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Thread: Magnum Pump

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    Magnum Pump

    I am lookin to buy a magnum pump for my stx-15f but first would like to know if anyone has it installed on theirs and could give me any feedback on it? advantages/disadvantages.....thanks

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    the major advantage of a magnum pump would be a lot better hook up in chop but the disadvantage is a decrease in top-end in the calm.

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    little better hook-up would also be possible with R&D's scoop grate...

    from what I've seen there wouldn't be a huge advantage unless horsepower was increased by a decent margin

    ...your sacraficing calm water top-end in both cases

    is the mag 155 a bolt in replacement?

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    depends what is done to your boat
    i have a sc 15f it came with an 160mm 8 vein wich i pulled out and fitted a set back 14 vein.
    the loss in flat water top speed was agravating to say the least..
    but the ski handles much better in closed course racing and has so much more drive over the skatty 8 vein.
    the ski is only used for closed course racing
    too fit the 160mm pumps you have to grind the pump shoe out to 160mm from the stock size

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    unless you have the power to break the stock pump, i think it isn't worth it.

    my brother in law bought the entire setup from skat (pump/drop nozzles/driveshaft/impeller) and it was a good amount of $$.

    the nozzles have a girdle type setup where they bolt on to tabs (not machined holes in the pump body). these tabs bend easily and he was forced to re-tap the tabs to get the nozzles on.

    the 1st race he used it, the water fittings blew out of the pump (sheared the threads) and he overheated his 15f - the fittings were not loose to start. it was a $800 repair that should have never happened.

    lastly, the pump leaks. with the power his turbo boat is making it keeps blowing water into the pump. i think skat needs better seals on the impeller side.

    so...skat pumps for high horsepower 4 strokes are not worth the $$ they cost. maybe in a couple years

    but, if you need a pump for a raceboat, you don;t really have a choice..

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