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    Yes a 10hr break in question on my 06 RXT

    I did search the board already and did get some data but not what I was seeking.

    I just ran pass 10hrs, think 12 or so and know I have read about a 10hr dealer service. Is this a must to keep ski in warranty land? I live quite a distance from any dealer so huge hassle to do this..... and after pick up and drop off and waiting etc could be quite the endevor! Thanks for any help on this, advise, what I need to do.... (checked oil dipstick and all looked good from what I could tell)

    PS ski rides geat and RPMs at about 7900-7950 and GPS 66-67 mph

    Thanks all!

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    10 hrs on rxp

    Do oil/filter change and check all hoses and clamps.That is all after 10 hrs what needs to be done.

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    never mind the service, change out those ceramic washers now if you have not done so yet.

    But yes, they change the oil, check the clamps on all the hoses, etc. I think they did the plugs on mine too.
    As far as warranty, not much else goes wrong with these things. Just save your reciepts on any service you do yourself to show that it was done. Your manual states what is required in the back.

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