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    What do I really need to do to rebuild an engine?

    Ok my 96 SL900 had a bad rod when I got it. So rather than replace the rod I decided to convert it to a 1050. Well I have got a low hour Polaris crank and Case, New Cylinders, low hour 40mm carbs and heads, New WSM platinum upper kit, and Polaris seals and gaskets. So what now?

    Do I just put it all together?

    The book says I have to pressure test the case. I do not have a tool to there is another $50.

    The book also says I need some sort of vacuum device to sync the carbs??? I have no idea where to get that tool or how hard it would be.

    I have alot of money in parts sitting here and I think I would have been better of replacing the rod and going to the lake.

    Any advice or steps I missed please include in your response.

    BTW anyone in Columbus that wants to give a fellow rider some help?

    Thanks as always


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    Christian even if you would have replaced just the rod you would have the engine completely torn down to where you are now.
    Even if you would have bought a complete assembled engine you should still pressure check it.
    The carbs still need to be checked, cleaned and adjusted with a new engine, rebulit or patched.
    So you have several options.

    Send everything off and get it assembled 150 plus shipping.
    Ask these guys how they are pressure checking them without the tool.
    Buy the tool, then sell it when the job is complete.
    Rent the tool from somebody here on the boards.

    The assembly of these engines is just as described in the Polaris Service Manual, is that what you are using?

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    You could use a bike pump for the pressure test! and even though i bought 3 vacuum gages to sink my carbs I bet 98 percent of these guys set them so the butterflies are open the same amount bust out the tools and get busy!

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    Its better to burn out than fade away christian79's Avatar
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    OK I have the clymers manual from the original owner. I think I will order the pressure test kit from WATCON b/c I have another one I may convert. What kind of vacuum kit do I get. Is this something that I can get on harbor freight? Thanks guys. Sorry for the attitude I just hate to see another weekend pass me by........


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    you can still make one from a bike pump! but this is what I use! not this is the model 04000 that has vacuum and pressure not many do! Z

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