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    Some more RXT info. i gathered and a question

    OK this weekend in calm water 1/3 of a tank of fuel and 15 hours on my 07 RXTS...Speedo stopped at 70.My friends 06 with like 60 hours on it,74 MPH.I was keeping up with him dead even both full out,he weighs the same as me and had half a tank of fuel.IT DOESNT MATTER ABOUT GPS TO ME RIGHT NOW,but I'm just asking, could his sea doo have been a lucky one, that lets it read over 70,where as mine and a bunch of other 07s don't read over 70,ever or maybe only for a fraction of a second?

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    yup. some read 69 some 70 some 74 some 77 some 80 .. we don't care anymore

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    ya that kind of stinks though...because with still a bit of throttle left it reads 70 and i push it down all the way and i can still tell im goin a bit faster it doesn't much does a GPS cost for one of these things?

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    they are cheap, just watch for sales...

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    Why do you keep posting about different max speed readings on the skis? No matter what they read they are very inaccurate and vary ski ti ski and day to day.

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