Great forum, look forward to browsing some more. Apologies if this has been asked already, but couldn't find a similar thread on this problem.

So, showing my neighbour my 2000 Sportster LE, which ran flawlessly for the last month, and I'm at 3/4 throttle approaching a twist in the river around some channel buoys. I start throttling back, and nothing! We are still screaming towards the bend, so out comes the key. Long story short, getting dark and raining now, we decide to make a run for it. The boat will only run at top throttle so I have to control it with the shifter, and that worked OK. Anyway, the throttle cable goes into a small block from which two cables come out, one for carb and one for oil injection control. I believe its the oil injection cable that popped loose, so have I done any damage to the boat by running for it like I did (maybe 3 minutes or so)?
Also, any tips on installing it or to prevent it from happening again would be appreciated. Thanks all!