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    Hull almost done. How many coats of gelcote? and how many mils

    Any body re - gelcoat the hull before. I need to know how many coats to put down.


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    Damn yellow! Light at the end of the tunnel my brother I know a lot of chit to go back in the hull but it aint glasswork!

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    It's been a long road man. I'm working on fairing right now. It really is a challendge to rebuild all the strakes. and also the V in the hull in the front or bow.

    yup, soon as the fairing is done. I'll be able to gelcoat hopefully this weekend.

    Since I've got it upside down. I might as well go ahead and true the hull and carbon fiber pump tunnel reinforcment.

    Then Comes the inner hull TUB

    I pm jawz and he set me straight on what to do with the inner hull.

    I will take lots of pictures and also do a write up so that we can show everybody...

    Need to get back in the water man!

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    yea, u open up the tub area and do the work w/o pics and u gonna have a mad mob....I will be leading them

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    You know its going to happen brotha. No more chances. I want this friggin ski to be BULLETPROOF

    Yeah that's right

    Ha I think this season my total hours on the ski comes to 8

    Hopefully be able to get all this crap together before the end of the season.

    Unfortunately It gets cold in missouri.

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