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    2000 Speedster w/Low RPM Stall - Need Help

    Boat been running find for 30 minute trip at 4,000 rpm. Settle down a bit in a no wake zone area for about 15 minutes. Then as I started to leave the no wake area and raised the throttle to about 2,500 RPM the engine just slowly died. Restarted fine and got back up to speed at 4,000 RPM for the return trip home for good 30-40 minutes. Then, as I slowed down to approach the dock 1500-2000 RPM engine slowly dies out again for no reason. Restarted fine again. Don't think it's a fuel issue since its receiving enough fuel for high speed. Plugs are about 2 years old, but I only use the boat about 1-2 twice a month. Starts fine at cold with about 1800rpm. Just stalled twice when at idle (not cold). Dashboard voltmeter showing good voltage 13.5 volts. The only thing I can think of is to replace the plugs. Any suggestions...
    240 EFI motor, 2000 Speedster
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    check your idle timing screw, the one in the middle of the throttle arm

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    Txs for the Reply

    The shop manual says, "adjust screw to obtain appropriate setting". What is the appropriate setting for idle timing screw? Page 2C-17 of shop manual see attachment.
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    if all your other screws are untouched, ie idle stop, full throttle stop, throttle plate screws,
    back off the lock nut, run the water, start the engine and adjust the timing until you get the desired out of water idle, I think about 1800rpm,
    page 7 on your file

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