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    2002 GTX DI won't run above idle in water

    The ski was running fine, and we backed off, and turned around, and it died. It restarted, but as soon as you gave it gas, it stalled, with a blaaaaa bog sound. Then it would not restart. If you let it sit and idle for a while, it stalls.

    Put it on the trailer, with the intake grate in the water only a little bit. and it started and reved up fine. Shut it off, and restarted. Ski restarted, but it had to be cranked a while. on the trailer out of the water it does the same thing.

    tried with both DESS's, has a full tank of fuel, and no errors showing on the dash. when you plug the DESS in, you can hear the fuel pump come on for the normal couple of seconds.

    nothing wrapped around impeller

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    Maybe your fuel pump?

    Had a similar issue on my 03 XPDI....turned out ot be the fuel pump...wasn't able to produce enough pressure. Be warned that since the pump is apperantly inside the fuel tank which is mid-ski....not a cheap fix.

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    Yep...need to take it to a dealer for diagnosis. Probably won't be a cheap fix...

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