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    1999 XPL low conpresion...need help

    He guys i am running a 1999 xpl...i have riva flamearrestors and solas prop.

    i was cheking the compresion on the engine and both cylinders are running at around 120-130. the ski runs great hiting about 56-61 and about 7500-8000 rpm. at idle it is about 2500rpm.

    when i slow down or the engine is at idle the engine shakes not alot but enough for me to take a look at it.

    i was checking the rave valves and i notice that one of them has a reall hard time opening. also i have stock jets on the crabs. i will be instaling new jet this week and cleaning out the valves. the cylinders look good.

    thanks guys

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    Your compression isn't low, it is probably your gauge's schrader core not sealing enough to maintain the higher compression. The main thing is that both are close to equal.

    If you still have the Tempo fuel lines on there change them now. They are trash! And clean the filter screens in your carbs immediately afterward.

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    XP-L's with just flame arrestors don't run 7,500 to 8000 RPM. Are you sure that you don't mean 6,500 to 7,000 RPM?

    Remove your rave valves and clean them & look for worn shafts, etc.

    You shouldn't add open flame arrestors without rejetting the carbs. You will be running lean because when you add more air (open flame arrestors) you need to add more gas.

    Dan (drb)
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    Yeah 6500-7000rpm sounds better...ok so just rejet the carbs and clean the filters and also change the fuel lines...that sounds like a few days of work. thanks...

    the ski runs great good spead great oher thing. i am going to be at a lake this weekend with altitudes of abotu 2500ft do you guys suijest any tuning to be done on the boat

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