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    '96 waveventure 1100 starter/bendix problem

    Thanks for the help-
    I'm still having starting issues- to recap- I hit the start button and bendix spins (winding out/spinning noise) I took out the starter, bench tested it and it's working fine, checked all wires from battery to the starter and starter to relay and everything seems fine and working.
    Sounds like the issue is the starter not engaging the bendix? Could it be that the gears of the bendix that receive the starter are worn? Without removing the flywheel cover, I pressed the bendix forward, through the hole that accepts the starter, and it engages the flywheel.
    It seems that the starter is missing engaging the bendix? I don't think the gears of the bendix that engage the flywheel are worn b/c I tried to turn the shaft while the bendix was pressed forward and it wouldn't turn- meaning the bendix was engaged to the flywheel- before i pushed the bendix forward, the shaft turns with plugs out...

    If the consensus is bendix I have to pull the gas tank and remove the electrical box to get at the flywheel? How much more difficult would replacing the bendix be?
    As I'm just a weekend mechanic my experience is limited to smaller jobs but I decided to take this one on and may be at my limit (after having removed exhaust and exhaust manifold to remove said starter)

    Any thoughts? Having come this far I'd like to complete it myself but don't want to get way out of my league...

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    Take your front cover of and take a look if it is the bendix you will have to remove the flywheel to get it out,

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    Sounds like the Bendix isn't kicking out are you sure you have a fully charged battery? Z

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    battery is new, all cells full and charged-
    so I spoke to a guy that has some waverunner repair experience and he had said that the starter is bad...that it's not throwing out the gear to engage the bendix- Does the gear at the end of the starter push forward? (that would make sense as something has to push the starter gear into the bendix??)
    When I took the starter out and bench tested it, it spun but didn't move out-
    Anyone have an exact understanding of how the starter works and engages the bendix?

    thanks for the help

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    He's a goof! the starter has a fixed gear! it spins the Bendix that extends forward into the flywheel
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    the starter only turns. The Bendix gets kicked out into the ring gear by centrifugal force. the starter and Bendix are locked together by the gear on the starter. It could be that the bendix is not lubed? The cover and CDI box will come off without removing the tank, but unless you have a small puller, you will need to pull the tank. It is easy, as long as there isn't much gas in it. Just remove the hoses and wires, loosen the clamp on the filler, slide the straps off the side and pull the tank out.

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    This is a Bendix! the starter gear ( shown as red bar)sits against the Bendix gear at the bottom and the top gear moves into the flywheel
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    I knew he didn't know what he was talking about and that the starter has a fixed gear. So if the starter spins- safe to say it's not the starter? could the starter fail under load or not have enough umph to engage the bendix?
    (brushes bad in starter?)
    I guess the next step is gas tank out- fly wheel off and bendix out-
    wish me luck

    and thanks guys for the replies

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    Are all your wires for the starter and battery clean and secure? The bendix relies on the sudden acceleration of the starter motor to engage. If it does not ramp up to full speed right away, that could be your problem. Maybe your starter solenoid is going south?

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