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    STX 12 f Need help fellas...

    To all,

    Thanks for all your help with my 15f. Turned out it was low oil. Nothing major.She is running like a dream. I have a question about my buddies 12f. We were riding this weekend and he wanted to switch skis. When I got on his ski I notice it was taking entirely too long getting up to plane. It was almost as if there was something stuck in the intake grate. It was similar to when riding in the ocean and sucking up sea weed. I jumped off checked the intake and could not find anything. The ski has good rpms but will not get over 45-46 mph and it takes a while to get there. The ski has 89 hours on it and was performing o.k. when he purchased it a couple of weeks ago. I did notice yesterday when taking it to the dock it seems to be progressively worse. We changed the plugs no difference. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. On a lighter note my other buddy met us there with his new VX 110 deluxe. I have ridden a couple of Yamaha's before but that thing sounded like a sewing machine. He got on my ski and you should have seen his face...Comment was "You told me I should have looked at Kawasaki".....

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