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    Will my ski run again ?

    My cousin took my ski out and while he was riding the hose ( I am sure the proper name) that leads to the exit hole pops off and the ski fills with water. It was filled up to just about over the oil filter ... maybe a little more.

    We go the ski on the docks and drained all the water. We found what the problem was (hose came off) and we tried to start the ski. It wont turn over. So we take out the spark plugs on the 1st and 2nd cylinder and water shoots out. Finally it is like 11 oclock at night so we put it all back and call it a day.

    So can my engine be salved? What kind of damage am I looking at ?

    I just tuned 180 hours today too.

    Thanks for all your help in advance.

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    monroe new york

    Angry sunk

    that stinks dude
    you better read your owners manual
    it will tell you what to do

    good luck


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    your gopnna need to change the oil quite a few times ot get the water out of the motor and there is a good chance you bent a rod if you tried cranking it with water in the cylinders and the plugs in

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