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    Unhappy Cant get past 3500 RPM's!!!! Why?

    It's a 96 kawasaki 750 STS and it had been sittin for like a year and a half but it only had less than 50 hours on it just the elements hurt the outside. I took the plugs out and cleaned their connection boot sealant on spark plug boots. It had a half tank of gas in it and i put a half of a can of seafoam in the gas and topped it off with premium. Ran perfect first day out. 2nd day ran good for like 15 mins then i couldnt get past 3500 RPM's. It sound like its flooding then the ski shakes real bad like the motors jerking from side to side under me. Do i have something cloggin the fuel lines? Or what? Kinda lost guys.

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    Ok guys its not working out for me i cant figure this out can someone input something? Thanks

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    My guess is fuel lines, when the rpms go up the vacuum cant give it enough fuel. What does it do without a load on it?? If it revs fine when its out of the water then it should be fuel.

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    Im going to drain the tank when i get home and clean out the carbs and change fuel filter(someone recommended clening carbs) i guess i was just trying to avoid that at all costs. I have a strong feeling its the fuel filter. And we'll see what happens when i get home. Thanks for the input.

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    Adding good gas to bad gas is like adding half gallon of good milk to half gallon of bad milk. You still have bad milk!

    Fuel issues = blown engines. I would go through the entire fuel system just to be sure.

    Can you post some pictures of the spark plugs?

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    dont have camera for pics but the plugs looked like a blackish color. Time for new plugs. it has like 45 hours on original plugs. I took them out and sanded the tips for better spark (I just wanted to know if it would run before i put too much money into it.) So now yes im going to check every part of the fuel system If i get a chance for some pics i'll post em up.

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