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    Dominator Oil Users

    How is your cylinders looking after 20+ hours?

    I have seen 3 sets of cylinders with low hours on them where dominator oil was used...all three had excessive cylinder skirt wear....wear that i havent seen on cylinders with over 100 with using pennzoil full synthetic.

    would love to hear others findings...i know the few i spoke to a few years back loved the stuff...just want to see if opinions changed.


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    I don't have any information but since I just bought a case of the dominator oil I will be watching this thread with interest.

    Dan (drb)

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    Well....the wifes XPL has about 75hrs on it and ran Dominator from day one. Checked bore and piston skirt last week and everything looked new. Checked bore with scope and piston by removing exaust valve assembly ( only takes a few minutes).

    Daughters 1200 had 300 hours on it when it was cold seized. Crank looked new and the one piston that didn't seize looked incredible. 200hrs Interceptor and 100 Dominator.

    My 1300 looked great at 20 hrs but something happened at MB that caused a meltdown on the motor, not oil related.

    Why what happened? Do we need to be aware of something? According to all the spec sheets I have read it seems to be really up there.

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    Ive been using Pennzoil full synthetic a long time.No problems whatsoever

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