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Thread: I'm going nutz

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    I'm going nutz

    Hey out there. I am new to the forum and think it is great how everything is setup here. My question is.........I just picked up my first jet-ski,1996 polaris slx 780, I am having a few problems.

    First I get sputtering at all rpm ranges, it starts fine and runs great but it seems if I hit a wave or turn sharp is when it starts to sputter.(one guy ran it and believes it to be electrical????????)

    Second If I run full out it will maintain speed for alittle bit then just die(engine turns completly off) but then will restart just fine. Also does this sometimes when just spinning 360's.

    Is there some kind of limiter switch or could this be a fuel delivery problem? I have checked a few things but I am stumped.

    I have worked alot of snowmobiles this should be roughly the same right?

    I also purchased a 1996 sl780 it ran great for two days(alittle slower out of the hole) until I went to put it on the trailer then it started to sputter the same way as the slx.

    Any help would be great...........

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    !st off welcome to the hulk!!!! My 95 slt 750 is suffering from simmilar problems. It's starting to die after running near wot. My advice too you, is too rebuild the carbs. Theres little fuel filters in the carbs that clog.

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    Welcome to the Hulk. First off, check the electrical ground wire is tight and has a clean connection. Second check your sparkplugs are clean and gapped properly. It should have BR8ES plugs in it. Third, replace all fuel lines, check the fuel selector isn't restricting, check fuel filters and water seperator, then clean the carbs just for general maintainence. And finally, try removing the thermostat and see if it stops the WOT shutting down. It is possible the timing is iff, but lets eliminate the simpler possibilities first.

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    thanks for the help. I wont be able to try till the weekend but I will let you know if it works.

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    is the clymer polaris shop manual a good one to have or is there something better out there?????? I need something to take me through some of the repairs that I may need to do.......

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    The clymer is good, and it provides sufficient information. I am sure someone will say otherwise, but bottom line it will show you how to do many things on your ski.

    The best thing to do would be to get the actual Polaris service manual for the ski. That is available from your local dealer. I have both the Polaris manual and the clymers for my skis. Usually I look at em both and then come up with the best solution!

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    have not had a chance to try anything yet. But I do have another question. My wife was crawling around the machine and found that the intake grate is gone. Could this be part of my problem? I've heard that the grate will keep the machince underload, I was wonbdering if that is why the stuttering and dying is going on. What do you guys think????

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    No but the intake missing might affect performance.

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    Open the electrical box and check for rust under the board, verify all connections are tight. Triple check the ground line to the engine plate and of course clean the battery terminals.
    Be sure to verify fuel delivery is good as suggested.
    The factory manual has MUCH more technical information and diagnostic information than the clymers.

    God Luck and let us know what you find.

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    pulled brain box apart, has water in it....what needs to be done or checked to take care of this?

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