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    Octane boost vs. 92 or above?

    I was on the water today, needed to get fuel and the fuel dock only had 89 octane, manufacturer says 92 or above. Can or should I supplement the 89 with octance boost on the water? I figure it's easy enough to carry a little bottle or two of boost for those days when 89 is all I can get.


    Thanks in advance,


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    This issue has been batted around a bit since early summer. Here is my summary:

    Its important to keep your octane in the Ultra at or above 91. This presents a problem for many of us in areas where the marinas carry only 87 to 89. I thought that just adding a bottle of octane boost was the easy solution but was told not so. Many of the octane boosts sold claim to raise "points" which are only 1/10th of a "number." You have to read the labels very carefully. Torco and Klotz were recommended as 2 of the best products on the market but I'm still unclear whether they raise the octane number sufficiently to get you from 80s range to 90s range. I've been meaning to e-mail these 2 companies to ask the question point blank. I noticed recently that a 3rd product, NOS, claims to raise the octane 6 numbers or 60 points. Not sure if its true. Someone said adding toluene boosts octane but never explained mix ratio. Another warned that overuse of octane boost can cause damage but I did not follow exactly how. The simplest suggestion was to fill up with 92 at the gas station and then refill with 87 after burning 1/2 tank. Until I get all the real facts on these boost products, I combine strategies to ride all day, ie always start with 92, refill on 1/2 tank, carry at least 5 to 7 galls of 92 with me, and carry Torco, Klotz or NOS for occasional use when no alternative. You might want to search this forum to see the various other posts on this subject. There was one which gave a detailed explanation of points vs numbers.

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    My ski says it needs 90 octane,fill it with 93 on land and like Blue has said run it down to a half a tank and refill with either 87 or 89 , I wouldnt trust octane boost for the reason he stated.

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    just got back from Sturgis, and had the same issues on my bike. it needs 91 or higher, the highest I could find was 89.....and even with octane boost in it pinged and banged like a SOB. The second I got 92 in her...all the pinging went away as usual. Octane boost sucks, but its better than nothing. I would fill her with Power 110 and then when your down to low fuel add 89 and you should be just fine. Plus 110 smells so nice on the water.....everyone behind you knows what your runnin!

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    My ski says 90 too, I usually fill with 93 on land and whatever I can get on the water to top it off half way through. Octane boost will not raise 87 anywhere near 90 and the higher you go in octane, what little effect it does have, is even less.

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    Thanks Folks,

    I do use 93 and did the same as many of you and topped at 1/2 vs. waiting until empty.

    I do remember one of the bigger stations selling 94 at one time, I'll even try and keep that in my gas jugs and fill up with it prior to long rides. I do expect there are some gas docks sells 92 or better, I expect there are off shore racers that wouldn't put shit in their tanks.

    Have a good evening,


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