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    msx 150 runs a minute than goes 8 mph?

    What is going on? It runs a minute and then stops. I let it sit for a while and then it does the same thhing? It a 2004

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    Find an answer?

    I'm having the same problem with my MSX 140, did you resolve this issue yet?

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    Rye man ,Yours will probably be TPS or stator , common problems.Yours is 2 stroke ,the 150 is 4 stroke .Your the lucky one of the two


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    I been having the same trouble with the same machine . The mechanic told me that oil was getting into the airbox and contaminating the oxygen sensors . I believe they had a recall on the oiltank they had a default in the tank . The dealer was speaking to polaris and they agreed to replace the tank and pay the labor for free as it was a problem from the start . You may also need to check the impellor housing as that is known to swell out and slows the inpellor down . This causes the machine to limit the rpm so it does not burn out your engine . Also you may need to check your compression .

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