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    Scrathes on hull,,,help!

    Guys, this weekend I took my boat to the beach and a few times I beached it up and scratched the hull. Do you guys have any recommendations on how to remove these scratches? I do have an anchor but at times I had no choice. Again,

    Thank you all...

    **** I'm taking my SC off the boat this week to send it to Jerry.

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    If they are light scratches you can use a lite abrasive cleaner wax From your local auto parts store. If I were you I would just get a Keel Guard! Then you won't have to worry about it.GO HERE---->

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    keelguard works great. - keeps the boat from getting scratched and hides some of the existing scratches to. Check Ebay. I got mine for 80.00. I would recomend the 6 feet version though.

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    I think that's a great idea. If you beach your ski a lot I think over period of time it's like sandpaper. Over time you will wear quite a bit of the gelcoat. I'm going to put one on after my jetski hull is repaired.

    extra line of defense always helps.

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    3m hand glaze applied with a buffer will make things shine like new again. It can be found at any automotive paint dealer.

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    The 3M Hand Glaze will work great to fix the scratches....Then go out and get the Keel Guard.

    I've had the 6 foot versin on my boat for a couple years now, and it works great!!!

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    Thank you all very much for all this information. I'm already looking into this KeelGard product. (great idea) I will also get this 3M product, I've heard these products are very effective. By the way guys, I just sent my SC to Jerry.

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    I use a 3M, clear paint protection film, which is used on a lot of automobiles. The film is similar to window tint as far as application and first appearance, but itís much more durable. Iíve had it on my ski for awhile and it has done the job superbly.

    Unlike Keelguard, you canít notice it on the ski, and when it gets beat up enough, you just peal it off and reapply some new film.

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