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Thread: hacking tivo

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    hacking tivo

    Anyone successfully hack their series 2 tivo?

    I just got one and want to network into it so I can pull all the recorded shows off but the hacking looks daunting. Any tips?

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    Are you good with Linux?

    I was going to do it, but instead went with a DVR. Looks pretty simple, you need a standalone pc with a Linux OS to attach the TiVo HD to for configuration and from there it's pretty straight forward.

    There's tons of forums out there to assist - I can try to dig some up tonight....they have everything you would want to do - from installing a larger HD to getting it to run through your home network.

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    I've played with Linux, but that is about it. I have found info out there (all kinds of forums) but nothing new. All the info seems to be from 2004. The biggest problem is finding complete tutorials with active links. Another problem is many of the tutorials I found conflict with eachother.

    Originally I was going to build my own dvr, but I couldn't beat the $400 price tag for 2 tuner HD 250GB. I would have been way over that building my own and getting it to integrate with my sat system was going to be a PIA.

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