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    Chine Walker
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    Alternative piston suppliers (JE Pistons).

    Has anyone considered using other piston suppliers for the GPR big bore conversions? JE piston will make any piston size/shape as long as you supply the dimensions. Wiseco seems to be the piston most commonly used for the BB kits.
    JE pistons are available as billet units or forged, and as I mentioned, made to any size or shape you require.
    We use these (race car applications) when a specific engine configuration is requested and the size is not available from (in our case) Mahle, or when a specific dome shape is needed. It also allows us to replace one piston without having to buy both piston and cylinder set.
    What do you guys think?

    Here's the link:

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    Is there a "minimum quantity?" I think this is what holds most folks back.

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    Chine Walker
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    It would all depend if you need to start from scratch with alot of prototypes being made. To answer your question, they will do single unit orders.


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    Many looked into this in the 90's for MX race pistons and they were not interested in the alloys/forging style used in two-stroke engines.

    More than one factory team tuner has tried them in the past. Arais, Ross, and eve Mahle (the biggest race piston company)

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    I've had custom pistons made from them for a 5 liter Ford. Representative told me "Huh, this is the first time we've made this particular piston combo." He knew what I was up to because he had all the dimentions and engine combo info. The minimum they will custom manufacture is a set of 8. They supply you with a few sets of numbers so the exact piston can be made again if you need one.

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    It sounds worth looking into. 9 would be three sets That wouldnt be very many to make a group buy

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    Wiseco is probably the last big manufacturer that will make a custom 2 stroke piston.

    i called JE, Venolia, and a couple of others before i had my pistons made at wiseco. perhaps if you know the CEO or someone else high up you could get a set made up....just hope your relationship holds so you can buy another set if you need it!

    wiseco does not have very good quality control when compared to a company like Venolia...however, the wisecos are making power for me...and thats all i care about these days.

    you can do a small order...such as 6 at wiseco...but the cost goes up dramatically. the added cost is worth buying more to have them on hand. i got 3 90's sittin in a box awaiting a new home.
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