This may be obvious to some, but I didn't catch it till after I was out on the river and down on boost.

Yesterday, was the first day I had ever been down on boost and the ski was getting slower as the day went on. This has never happened before (slower with less fuel). I knew I had adjusted the BOV to lift a little later, and after seeing how the valve worked I could not understand why it would be lifting early or how I could of screwed it up.

Last night I took it apart and what I had found was the locking nut had loosened and the valve was backing off as I rode( hence getting slower all day, down 2#s by the end). The factory had dabbed glue/sealant on the locknut to hold it in place and this is what I did not do. Also, the actual adjustment head has some type of adhesive added to the threads, or mine did but it is minimal.

I have now added sealant/glue to the locknut again and used lock tite on the threads in an attempt to hold it in place.

So, for those who have adjusted the BOV and lost power or it keeps leaking I would check to see if the adjustment is backing off because the nuts will not stay tight.