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    Drive shaft replacement

    My new (slightly used) driveshaft and inter shaft will be winging it's way from Florida to 'sunny' Lil' England this week (a big THANK's to Jim once again for rescuing me from OEM prices!). I've read all the threads,looked in the manual,studied the parts on the bench,and thought over the job a million times. Just to be clear though, would you guys take the bearings and seals out of the pump housing, and re-assemble the bearings onto the drive shaft, then put it all back into the housing as an assembly, with new seals, or just leave the bearings and seals in the housing, and install the new shaft into that. I expect the former to be the answer, as there needs to be the measured clearance on the shaft and bearing, but I want to be sure before I prise everything apart. Then again, am I being stupid not replacing all the seals and bearings whilst I'm at it, even though they all seem fine? Thank's for all your input, I've saved $1000's (literally!) from being on Greenhulk over the last 12 months!!!
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    I think most will agree that Fercho's description is the best method.

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    Thank's for the link. It's all much clearer, and I've bagged up all the seals and bearings from the pump and rear bearing housing, and I'm off to the local bearing supplier in the morning to get a complete set of replacements for the lot. it just doesn't make sense to re-use old parts, especially when the engine has had to be moved to get the old ones out! 'Do it once, and do it right' is the motto that keeps coming into my head (Must bear that in mind when Paula's nuzzling up to me in bed!!! LOL).

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