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Thread: Freight Charges

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    Freight Charges

    Is freight supposed to be included in the selling price or is it extra? I was quoted 10,300 each on the skis I got 2 ultra 250s on a double shorelandr trailer for $26k OTD with all taxes and fees. I think that is a little high did I get ripped?

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    Yea, they will try to slip those freight charges in on your deal at closing..

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    How much do they try to charge for freight and set up?

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    As much as $800 a piece and about $500 for document fees!

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    13 grand a piece seem good to me, but then again I'm the guy who paid 16 grand for one.

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    $9774 plus $215 freight charge.

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    Freight is included in the price the dealer pays Kawasaki for the ski. Some dealers like to add it on again at time of sale but they should not. Dealer prep is the cost of unpacking and assembling the ski. The dealers can charge whatever they can get away with. Most dealers also add on a few hundred for their cost of doing business...more bullshit. Their profit should be in the selling price, not with add ons. They should only add on the ACTUAL cost for sales tax, .registration and title fees, nothing more. Some states also have a tax on the battery and trailer tires that the dealer can either absorb or pass on to the customer.


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    Dealers also get a 5% kickback from Kawa to be paid back bi-annually, I think. So if you time your purchase correctly, dealers may be only a few weeks from getting their guarantied pay-back and may even be willing to sell at a cost lower than their cost, knowing they will be reimbursed soon.

    They are required to meet certain revenue guideline to keep their dealership license from Kawa. My guess is that larger dealers who sell more skis get a bigger kick-back percentage.... so while profit is the bottom line, the volume revenue can be a big factor to their profitability.

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    Bob, post a pic of your ski! That looks awesome.

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