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    RXDI Performance Help

    I am looking to increase the performance of my 02 RXDI.

    Anyone suggest the Solas intake grate?

    What I am really looking for is the suggested pitch for all over performance in an impeller....


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    Thats a good question. I have a 2001 but have'nt found anyone that seems to know much about them. Maybe try, but think I tried before without any replies!!!

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    The RX DI, or ANY DI, for engine mods requires a little finess...Pretty much the only mod you can do to the DI motor is available through PPG. Their Level1 for the DI is a tricky one, but after riding a few boats with that setup, it is a MUST for performance gain...

    Othr items for the RX would include intake grate setup, sponsons, plus other cosmetic items such as Gator mats and a MLine seat cover...

    The DI is a VERY solid platform when taken care of PROPERLY...

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    So has anyone put an aftermarket impeller in a RXDI? What pitch did you use? The main ones that I have found are the 15/20 and the 16/21...Is one better than the other?

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    just wondring how fast do the di's go, hear everybody saying how fast they are

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    Mine is an 02 with 56 hours....could really use a new impeller. I am 205 pounds and it will run low 60's with a little chop. I just got a GPS and plan on seeing what it will run more accurately. It will run high 50's with my wife and I.

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    if you improve the intake and exaust that will make a nice diffrence

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    This may be a stupid question, but for the life of me I can't find where the air filter is.....any help?

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    Those DI's Sip fuel

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    So do I go with the stock 15/21 pitch impeller and a near wear ring for insurance?

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