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    98 GSX Limited 951 Engine Install

    I'm re-installing my rebuilt engine after a few months and need some direction with two hose nipples located near the starter. I only remember removing one hose that come from the air solenoid. There is another hose in the area, but it looks like its some kind of overflow that was just lying across the bottom? I have the manual but I can only find the hose going to the solenoid. I also checked the web and all though there was some good stuff it did not help.If someone has the same engine/year and can check I would appreciate it very much. Thank you,
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    WELCOME to the forum, nice to have a new member...

    Here is a link to when I rebuilt my 99 GSXL....I don't have the ski anymore, so this is as much as I can provide....

    My only guess, if its in themiddle between the jugs, is its the block coolant drain line....


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    one goes to the RAVE solenoid, the other goes to the pulse nipple on the carburetor to operate the fuel pump.

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    You Rock !!! Thank you !

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