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    Cool HO took me out of the hole today...

    I got spanked by my friends HO yamaha, off the line anyways then I caught him, beat me by 4 5 ski lengths, should this happen with my mods? I know I need more but come on is this right lol?
    • R&D Rideplate, Skegged...
    • R&D Aquavein Intake Grate
    • Solas Dynafly Impeller YG-DF 14/20
    • Solas Billet Aluminum Impeller Cone
    • R&D or Riva Pump Seal Kit
    • True / Race Finish Impeller True / Balance / Race Finish Impeller Repitch / Balance / Race Finish Impeller
    • D-plate cat removed...

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    I replied in your heat post. It doesnt surprise me. Its over pitched.

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    ya think maybe my guy did that knowing I was gonna add to its mods? Like with it pitched the way it is after more mods will it all catch up? Ya can see I'm not the mech I just beat it to death lol... Just couldnt believe even the HO took me, I can see the ultra but the HO even what a pig off the line.. It needs help ...

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    rode against mtrager does not suprise better go in wallet little more. slow on top but real fast to that speed.

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    Im sure thats all it is. One of the first mods I did was the same as yours, prop, plate, grate, ppk. I was much slower out of the hole than I was when I had my stock prop. You have to consider you added alot of pitch but zero power adders. The mods you installed are good ones, its just none of them help turn that bigger prop. Your guy probably installed it because its pretty much the best prop to go with. You have a decision to make, depitch the prop or add a little power to turn yours.

    My vote would be for the second option. No reason to spend money to depitch when for the same price you can just add some power.

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    I'd throw on a head.

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    of course I'm going the other way ma man lol... I was told to get the reeds done and combustion. What do ya think thats gonna run me? Plus I know I gotta get the efi and I'm sure the power filter..

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    Or send yours to Jim and let him mill it for you. Probably under $100 shipped depending on location and should be problem solved.

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    You realy should get the EFI controller. I would skip the power filter and go with the race filter or just run an open or gutted airbox (no metal screens) The most popular reeds being used is the VF2s and VF3s, both are good reeds with similar results from what I can tell. Depending on what you get and where they range from $250-$550. Reeds help alot but they can wait if your on a budget. Keep in mind if you go to far you will have to pitch the prop UP.
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    Thanks for the help I will def look into what I can get done.. Gotta do somethinig its just a pig right now.

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