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    Even with oil level right.......?

    Up until today, my airbox tube has been dry. I basically rode WOT for 80% of the ride today, down to the buzzer from a full tank, and my airbox tube is about half full of oil. Can this happen when oil level is right? Is it because I rode it so damn hard?

    I'm goiung to let it set overnight and go back to the drawing board on oil level, but based on "Skips" method it was right. Obviously now there is the discussion about the dipstick, but it should be close enough to not be a huge factor....

    Any thoughts?

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    Umm, I am not so sure about that...I just did the mod on my oil stick rubber throat and it made a difference of about 1 quart which it showed being less than it really the mod and then check again after heavy riding and see how she shows..process of eliimination. Goof luck..I still have to check my box and intercooler.

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    If that's the case I can't figure out why Kawi hasn't got it figured out for consumers or the dealers yet? This is the same 1500 that's been around, what is so hard about this?

    just when I thought I had it figured out I guess I'll have to clean out the intercooler again.....

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    You would think's gotta be real touchy with the oil level.

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