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    A beautiful day to JetSki....

    It was very nice on the water in St. Petersburg today. I was out for a few hours with friends and we had a great time as always. Here's a picture of the skis before taking off for the Shell Islands. I'm sending some warm weather up north to everyone still waiting to won't be long now..

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    I am Goint to be in tampa this weekend hope it looks like that

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    man it looks like awesome weather therer. glaad u got out there with ur buddys to enjoy it!

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    Well must be great to be We are expecting 6-9 inches to night on top of the 5 inches we got monday. Just last saturday it was 66 degrees and I was getting the itch to go play. To much ice still on the lake and rivers.

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    monday was about 75 in delaware. i couldn't pass it up. Went to the dentist (for a crown) and put the RXP in the water for the first time. Had a blast... according to the ski, air temp ranged from 73-84 and water temp was 46-51 depending where I was on the Delaware River. Had a good time. Forgot to take the GPS to get real mph's, but the odometer said I got to 70 on a flat straightaway.. Good times!!!

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    Looks nice man!

    hit 82 degrees here in Dover on monday, and today we have a high 0f 48.

    Yes, I hate the weather in this state. Good thing our taxes are non existint.

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