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    R&D Hydroforce Exit and Steering Nozzle

    Has anyone tried these yet?.........I just want the extended steering nozzle but was curious if anyone has tried the 2 yet.

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    I'd like to know if it works for the RXT. It's only like 150 or something.

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    R&D steer nozzle

    I have the steering nozzle on a rxp, turning slightly improved , did not notice any acceleration diffrence, but do think i gained 50rpm at top end. I did have a problem with one of the threads in it and had to heli coil it.
    I bought two at the same time one for a friend of mine, he had no problems with the threads and he thought it improved the ski in most areas. Also think that it gives you wider range of trim position because it is long. Over all i think it is worth while .

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    I have always noticed an improvement in steering and a gain on top but on my gpr it caused it to porpoise on flat water. I just wanted to know before I got them for my rxp. I have no porpoising issues at all and don't want this to cause any. Do you have the pro block offs or the regular ones or stock opas paddles?

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    R&D steering nozzle

    I have the stock opas still in place ,but do have worx sponsons and riva intake grate, I don,t think you would have any problems with porpoising if you have the boat trimed correctly. My rxp likes the trim in about the 3/4 up position, seem to be the fastest on flat water in this position. I also had a R&D steering nozzle on a gpr and liked it alot.

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    Anyone else ever use the R&D extended nozzle ? I'm really considering getting one.
    Anyone try it on an RXT. I believe Shibby said it will work for the RXT.

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    I believe if they are longer, you won't be able to keep the reverse bucket in operation . as in it won't be able to drop in front of the nozzle to reverse the flow. I wish there was a way to have both.

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    R&D sterring nozzle

    The steering nozzle is only 15mm long than stock so the rev bucket work fine.

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    you all havent trimmed your reverse buckets off yet?

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    I run their steering nozzle with the auto drop and love both. There is no
    problem with the reverse bucket, even with a wedge installed. My rev bucket never needed trimming, but I did adjust it up with the wedge.

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