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    Kerry hibdon wrecked my summer

    This all started this past winter. . My dream was to be in the top 5 at Mudbug, and faster than everybody here in Chicago.

    Kerry told me he did not have the 89mm piston triple pipe setup working, and that I should go with a 1400 setup. Then by February he some how got the 89mm setup working, and created the 2-4 mph package.
    In February, I sent the cylinder cores to Kerry because he said the pistons would be there by the third week of March. In late March, he was saying my cylinders were bored and coated and that he was still waiting on the pistons. At that time I sent my valves, core cylinder, and new 45cc heads. At the time, I was trying to get everything together for JD1’s jet dragging event.
    At the end of March, I sent in my crank in case to be balanced and welded along with my new MSD ignition. The plan was for me to go down to Tennessee and build the engine WITH HIM and then water test it. Well April was full of “your next” and “I am busy and can’t do it right now.” About a month before Mudbug, Kerry told me He was sending me my cylinders and pistons back to me ALREADY broken in because I could not break in pistons on a triple pipe boat.
    I hated to hear that and thought to myself, here comes my poking. He said he would see if 89mm worked on a fuel injected boat and break mine in at the same time.
    That is exactly what the poor guy that had his boat there would like to have done to his boat. He knows who he is. I think he got a 1400 setup a couple of weeks before Mudbug. Testing new stuff on a customers boat. Kerry did not have enough time to break my stuff in and see if it would work on a fuel-injected boat. This was all in a very short time frame about two weeks before Mudbug. Kerry told me he would not be going, and that he did not have an engine for his boat.
    Then when he set up John’s ignition he did mine as well and then proceeded to build my motor with the old top end off his wife’s boat. I was just broke in he told me.

    Well there are more lies to this story, but the point I am trying to make here is I paid for NEW and I received USED.

    The Friday before Mudbug my engine came. I had a friend over that day who just so happens to build pro stock motors. He looked at my engine and said cool, and then took a peek up the exhaust port. He then felt around with his finger and said, “Wow, you can definitely feel those scratches.” At that point I said anything to make myself feel better.
    The next time I talked to Kerry, He told me he was now going to Mudbug and had new motors in both his boats. I then put my triple pipe MSD engine with all the goodies together in 2 days. Went out to run it and it would not turn the RPM’s it was supposed to. I did a compression check and found I had 90psi in the third cylinder, 150 in the second cylinder and 120 in the first cylinder.
    Talked to Kerry and he said pour some oil in it.

    I thought OK I will fool myself into thinking it is good. Next pull the heads, did that and it all looked worn. So when he got to Mudbug he did what he could there in my presence. He honed my stuff in the parking lot and put one new ring in. I rode that Friday and Saturday at Mudbug it ran ok but it was not what I had paid for.

    The first ride back at home and I was down 500 rpm’s. The compression also took a dive. DANG! The band-aid fell off.

    I sent my cylinders to Millennium. They honed 2 and replated one. Millennium called me and let me know that the cylinders looked real bad. I had them call Kerry to discuss it. Kerry informed them that I used the wrong oil, and that is the reason the cylinders were scored. I used the oil and ratio that Kerry INSTRUCTED ME to use.

    I was now supposed to get new pistons from Kerry but back to the same old he did not have them. I had to wait. It was worth waiting to me, as I just wanted to receive the NEW parts that I had paid for.

    Well that didn’t work out either, as he then told me to send him the cylinder I now have and the pistons and that he would send me the top end off his wife’s boat. This was at the end of June or so. In late July, I talked to him and he informed that the stuff was ready to go, but that one of the pistons was a little scratched but that it was fine. I got the parts back and the cylinders are better but two of the pistons still had the marks I put on the bottoms and one has some kind of different color to the bottom of it and the sides are freshly sanded, but you could still see the deep stick marks.

    I don’t know what I did to deserve all this. Other people got promised the fastest GPR on the planet, and yet your boat is faster still.
    There is a comment that Kerry makes and it is” They wont let me stay in business”

    Kerry, YOUR jealous ass wont let you stay in business because people want to pay you to have fast skis and you wont build them because you want to remain the King.

    The reason no one said anything to you at Mudbug is because they have self-respect for themselves. And you should not have been there.

    There are so many engine secrets you keep to yourself, you tell lies, and it’s a shame.

    As for your 2 to 4 package, IT SUCKS!
    You again lied and told me I could use it for drag racing. You told me this in April or May. You did not even try it on your own boat until Mudbug. Your boat ended up going SLOWER after you put it on. Why did your 90 mph run represent something you did not have on at the time?

    The Riva plate thing, some are good and some are bad? Well where was the good one on your boat? If it was good, you would have had it on your King shit boat?

    As far as SHARING ALL your info, that is the biggest lie of all!

    SO, for 2400 dollars plus three core cylinders, I got worn out junk. I have been in a bad mood and stressed out for 6 months, and had to tear my “NEW” engine down more times than I should have had too. I rode the ski for a total of 3 hrs or so, spent 6000 to 7000 dollars to get nowhere.

    The only thing worse is you have screwed other people worse than me, and they have not said anything about it.

    You had a lot of nerve to show up at mudbug with two new engines your ski’s built in a week’s time, when you could not get mine built in 4 months.

    You have ruined my summer.

    I think he used my motor to go 90 mph but he assured me mine was just as good.

    You then wanted me to send you MORE money for new pistons, but you probably would have sent me your wife’s old pistons, AGAIN.

    I personally would rather throw this stuff in the garbage and start over.

    The straw that broke the camels back for me, and one of the reasons for me posting this to all, aside form the hell you put me through, is that you had the nerve to ask Peteshauling if he got his stuff back from Ben Herman. You should worry about your OWN customers and get the hell off the computer.

    I can state facts until next season.
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    Gee this seems kinda like what i went through last summer sorry to here it dude.

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    Wow, really sorry to hear that. I know your pain as I too have been screwed by people out of a lot of money. Chuck, put it behind you and move on knowing you are a bigger person. Give Lowell Horning a call and see what he can do for you. He is one of the nicest and most honest people I have ever dealt with. He may even have parts avalible....Don't give up on your summer yet.

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    dude, sorry to hear that... unfortunately there are alot of people out there that totaly suck. Hope you can get your machine back up and running again! good luck...PR...

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    WOW--Quite a story.

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    I feel your pain man. It seems you spend more money trying to go faster, but what works on one ski doesn't work on another. Its a shame though, but damn $2400 and you got used pistons? I would have demanded new pistons or a refund. Hell take him to small claims court.
    If you get screwed over in a deal like this, this goes to anyone, take them to small claims court and be done with it. If your in the right you'll get your money awarded to you.

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    Chuck I am sorry to hear about this. If you feel that you got screwed I suggest that you seek legal counsel. There is no way that I would let that much money just walk away.

    Good Luck


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    Damn that sucks!! To think I was bitching about getting screwed for $500!!

    Talk to Lowell or TJ, both have fixed these issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GP1300RnPVB View Post
    Oh this is gonna be good

    BTW - please edit your post into paragraphs and add some cliffnotes, that just hurts my eyes.

    unfortunately not.

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    Sorry to hear this kind of news Chuck.This is the kind of SH!T that ruins it for others.Makes it hard to trust people.You need to contact a "high end" shop for all your needs from now on.Tim Judge and Lowell ,IR ,Jims Performance....are the best out there,AND they are 100% honest,friendly,knowledgeable,and their work is top notch,all the way.Again,sorry to hear your loss,just move on like the others have. There is legal help out there that can get your money back.
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