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    SICK OF COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last week was spring break, lil' too early if you ask me but I procrastinated and am now studying my ass off for an anatomy test tom.
    I think I made a mistake when I took European history, Anatomy I, Comp. Religions, Spanish, and Chemistry all in the same semester. 9 weeks til schools out. I should have studied all last week but I made a lil' cash instead. I detailed 7 vehicles 3 were SUV's and worked on Sat. But I got new tires and a lift for a jeep on the way. Hoping to buy a solas this week too! I just don't understand where money goes

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    wow that sounds like one hard schedule. im in the same boat as u with school, just finished spring break and now down to the home stretch till graduation and summer and i can't wait. good luck!

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    i was sick of college before i even started it! I'm on spring break right now this whole coming week... got to ride my ski twice so far at least... but rest of the week looks shitty except for thursday.

    do what i do.... don't buy textbooks for ANY of your classes and don't buy any notebooks... then when it's time for a test, YA GOT NOTHING... so you learn to wing every single test and pull a good grade out of your ass, and then everyone gets pissed at you for doing good

    good luck on your test man... where do u go to school?

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    hahaah i love the way u think sibby. if i did that i would fail all my tests.

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    this is only my fourth semester and I've got 6-8 left to go. No I'm not going to be a M.D I am going to be a CRNA, an Anethesist for short. Working under an anethesiologist making about $14,000/month. I LOVE MONEY

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