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    Ski fell off trailer

    Yep, the 250x fell off the trailer while backing down the ramp. We had the hook undone so that we could just float off. The wife was sitting on the ski, and I started to back down the ramp. The water has been so high at the lakes in Texas that you don't even get to back down the ramp. The water is at the top. I was backing down at about 1 mph and I had gotten to just where it goes from perfectly flat to the first stage of slope (about 1 - 3 degrees of slope). I hit the brakes so that I can pull forward and get a straighter position, and the ski just slides off the back of the trailer like it is on rollers.

    It was unbelievable. I was completely shocked. The past few times out we couldn't get the ski to let go of the trailer. It just seems like it is always stuck on there like gllue. Then I remembered that last time out, we had sprayed the bunks with this stuff called Liquid Rollers. It is supposed to makes the bunks super slick. It damn sure works.

    So anyway, I hear the wife scream a little and I turn around and see her and the ski sitting on the concrete off the end of the trailer. The very tip of the nose of the ski, right under the lip was caught on the back of the trailer, so the keel of the ski was about 2 inches off of the ground, but the ride plate had hit the concrete pretty hard. The ski just sat suspended there at the back of the trailer between the ride plate and the front lip of the bow.

    A couple of guys came over to help. We hooked up the winch and with the 3 of us guys lifting and the wife cranking the winch, we were able to lift and crank the ski back onto the trailer.

    The ride plate has some serious scratches on the very back of it. The very back of the ski right on either side of the speedometer paddle wheel has some scratches on it as well. There was no other damage to the ski. I'll take pictures tomorrow when it is light outside and post them here.

    From what I can tell, it looks like I could probably sand out the damage to both the ride plate and the stern of the hull. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

    Now, here's the kicker - we checked out everything and decided that we still wanted to ride. So off we go: she is on the 250, and I am on my trusty Seadoo RXT

    We do some runs to make sure that her ski is ok and not taking on any water etc. Everything seems fine except for one thing: her ski is running faster now. No lie guys, her ski picked up between .5 and 1 mph. I used to be able to pull her on the top speed runs by about .5 mph, but now she is pulling ahead of me! To keep this scientific, I pull out the GPS. And sure enough, she is now running about .8 mph faster.

    The only thing I can attribute this to is the fact that those two points at the back of the ride plate are now flattend and buzzed down from hitting the concrete. Either way, I have some repair work to do.
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    Wow! But look at this really could have done a lot more damage than it came out pretty lucky..glad to hear it wasn't any worse than it was...where's the "Funniest Home Video" footage when you need it! lol You could've gone royal with that one for sure.

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    Dropped my GP1200 of the trailer once.

    I know that funny sinking feeling you must have had. I once had my Gp1200 on the trailer all set to drive the 50 mtrs to the ramp and it fell of when I accelarated going forward on the flat. I had the safety chain off but the wich cable was still attached but the ratchet lock turned itself inside out (must have been all the ponies in the Ford Bronco!) and the ski dropped on the ground. I just had a bit of gravel rash on the bottom. They are pretty durable really. Mine already had no paint on the bottom so it wasn't much worse for the drop. Still Makes you think. Some days I have just sat at the ramp and watched the comedy show that proceeds. Some people drag outboards on the ramp others break trailers trying to drive boats on at full noise. Somethimes trailers just come off the towbars. Boat ramps are stressfull places apparently! I have a series of pics of a RV with ski in the back that ends up completely drowned as they tried to float - yes float - it out !

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    Glad you didn't have too much damage.

    Check you PM's



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    That liquid roller stuff must really work well. My ski is usually stuck on the bunks. Where do you buy it?

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    xlt4me dropped his on the hwy and gained about a 1/2 mile

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    LMAO now I really want that Riva ride plate..

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    One time I almost had this happen to me on my XP. I was able to hop off the back of the ski and hold the ski on the trailer. Close one for sure. Ever since then I always keep it hooked on the front untill I am a couple feet from the water.

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    Dude thats incredible! in fact I always un hook my Gas Sucker before driving down myself, And like most of you its Stuck! Your wife had to nearly shit herself as the ultra was sliding off!! lol im glad she wasen't hurt, Now the most import part!!!! Where did you buy the SPRAY!!! lol John

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPEEDJUICE View Post
    Dude thats incredible! in fact I always un hook my Gas Sucker before driving down myself, And like most of you its Stuck! Your wife had to nearly shit herself as the ultra was sliding off!! lol im glad she wasen't hurt, Now the most import part!!!! Where did you buy the SPRAY!!! lol John

    That's funny...Yes! Where do you buy that spray! lol

    Only thing worse I could think of was if someone was on it and it slid off..whoa! That would of been scary...

    If I used it I would definitely NOT unhook it untill I got down to the water!! I usually have to lift like crazy and push it off the remainder cause of our water that case it really would come in handy!

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