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    Poor man Opas Removal

    I finally decided to remove my OPAS on my Gtx , i was minded and bored so i decided to pass action.

    Since i didnt have ordered any block off kit i decided to reuses some parts

    i removed Rods , Bracket , flaps i cut plastic with a saw to remove shafts and springs inside the small plastic tube who retain flaps

    i sanded and polish plastic and put it back

    i also removed vaccum on the pump and block vacuum line who enter in the hull ..

    Cost 0 $ and work fine ..

    i left Tubes inside hull ..

    No leaks anyways

    Feel free to ask .. or post comments !

    Ps i will post some pictures ..

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    pictures?...i'd like to see how did it.

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    i'm curious, let's see em

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    Here the pictures...

    This process is 100% reversible cost 0$ and take around 30 /45 mins to do

    Remove the plastic vaccum plug on the pump , cut the small inlet and fill with epoxy or marine grade silicone let them dry for at least 8 hrs ,

    This part give u the perfect cap for the pump

    Remove 4 (5mm) Allen bolts , no need to cut the stainless oetiker collar , just pry and they come easily .

    Dont remove the small screw on the center of the hull behind the plastic ..

    Also cut a small part of the ( L ) shaped Hose to block the vaccum line ,

    Fill with epoxy let it cure before u put back in place

    Remove flaps and cut with a small saw around to remove the tube who contain the spring for Opas system take off the U bracket on the pump too

    Take some sandpaper to remove small bracket on the part ..

    finish with a watersandpaper to get a polish .

    Fill holes with epoxy plug back the hoses ( one on each side who entering the hull )

    Put it back and enjoy it !
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