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    FX-140 (My first post)

    Hello, I was searching around google and came across this site and hopefully it can help me out.

    I have a 2002 fx140. Its working well, but over the years its starting to slow down.

    when i got it it maxed out at about 55MPH, now its lucky if it can do 48.

    Is there anything that I can do to get it back up to 55 reletivly cheap?

    I run this in the ocean only, but I flush it after every use.

    Thanks for the help,

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    I assume you are going off the stock speedo. The stock speedo is always wrong.

    First thing I would check is your Rpms. Are they lower than that should be stock? If so you have a problem. You should fix the problem before modding the ski.

    This is what we need you to do...

    Check the RPMs and see what the reading is.


    If possible use a hand held GPS unit to get a MPH reading.

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    welcome to the forum.

    he's right the stock speedo is wrong. You may be losing rpms somehow, do you have a digital tachometer? that would help a lot for finding your problem.


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    is the stock tach correct? also, what rpms should i be running at full throttle?

    Next time I take it out ill bring my GPS with me.

    Ill take it out tomorrow and see whats going on.

    Thanks for the help so far.

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    Your welcome, I'm not sure what your ski should turn but I am sure someone else can chime in and let us know. Get those numbers and report back. Your ski won't lose speed with normal wear.

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    Welcome to the forum charlie !

    also look in my signature and download a copy of the FX140 Service Manual, it will come in handy for you as you learn more about your PWC.

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    im having the same problem, i just recently bought a 02fx140 and it went 32 at 9k, i changed the oil and filter and plugs it now goes 44-46 and 10k-10500k well their is still a problem im in need of help my girl is mad that mine is faster than hers so someone please help

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