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    electrical question

    I wanted to run this by you guys and see you I was on the right track. I last had my doo out in april. A few weeks ago I went to get it out and it would not crank. Battery is charged (later tested and good) cables had good connection. Tested starter, that was good. Its a 94 sp so the lanyard is just a cap, no electrical. I opened the electricalbox. Fueses were good. (heard about people having problems with the 5amp) Jumped the solenoid. Starter cranked right over. I tested my start stop switch and that was good. I am thinking that my mpem is bad. What would you guys say? Also, on that model, do you have to program them when replaced? Or just plug in?

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    Take a test light between ground and the lead that excites the solenoid. If it lights when you push the stop/start you have a bad solenoid.

    If not, you either have bad connections or bad mpem, or try taking the connector off the lanyard post. This will open that circuit and allow it to start. If it does, you have a bad lanyard post.


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