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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    sucked up a plastic bag @ 45 mph....

    Went for a morning cruise and i was going 45ish when i must of sucked up a plastic bag (Lake of the Ozarks is filthy)..... stopped fast!.... anyway... pulled the bag out and still not much change in the vibration or speed... any ideas?? ... pulled the intake and i dont see anything in there... motor mounts? can see the ones on the left side are ok but under the exaust// ill have to remove when i get home... maybe i damaged the coupler... or spline... all guesses
    thanks for any help!

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    My son (mohawk man) jeffsntx's Avatar
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    Pull the pump and look at every thing real well before you start pulling the exhaust.

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    I did the exact same on Tuesday night (but mine was in the Irish Sea!). I've got a drive shaft and coupler with broken splines! How can a plastic bag do SO MUCH damage? Hope you find it's only one or the other, but it's likely to be both. have the parts, or try asking on the site.

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    Are you serious? I have heard about people sucking up ducks and that doesn't hurt anything. Plastic bags, wow!

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    I've pulled out just about everything you could imagine out of my intake(pallet banding straps,rubber gloves,juice containers,potato chip bags,rope,used condoms(safe sex is important) and pump. Have had a few plastic bags. Odds are that some of that bag made it through the impellor to the backside and is stuck between the prop and pump.Look in from the back with a flashlight to check. Also check in between the prop and wear ring liner(look for light shinning through 360 degrees around it)

    Most of the time the bags get chopped up as the go in, but it's possible it may have wrapped around quick enough to stop the shaft and break the splines. Im hoping that isnt the case. best of luck.

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    Check around the pump like Jeff said and then if not look under the ski and remove intake grate to see if anything is wedged or lodged in there.......if you do both you should be able to find what is in there.

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    3 weeks ago i suck up a pair of panties lol, no kidding. i thought i had it all out of the pump but i didnt. when i go home, i started the ski and shot out some more pieces of the panties with the tage on them. they were size small if it

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    Were they red satin with the little frilly things on the side?

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    how did you know lol
    if they are yours, i can send them back to you lol

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    hey their mine i dance around in front of the mirror in those bad boys

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