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    250x Smell of Gas in oil.. and heavy white exhaust now present

    I seem to be smelling gas in my oil. I dont know if its just me being over protective about my craft, but after reading some post i am very concerned with my 250x. the oil seem a bit too clear for what it should be at at 45 hours.

    Along with the white smoke coming out of my exhaust , I seem to be losing power on the high end... like when i gun it .. it just doesn't jump like it use to... at least not all the way up.. almost like its over speeding for a sec.

    I just placed a call in to crazy freddys in Long Island Ny. and told them of the problem .. the service person said she hasnt heard of my problem yet.. but has had alot of spark plug problems with the ski ( i doubt this is the cause of my problem. ) Besides should spark plugs that usually go for a 100k miles on car be covered.

    If any one has any info on this issue please let me know.. I want to have as much info on the issue when i drop my ski off on monday..

    Thank you ,

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    A friend of mine bought a new Ultra, and with 45 mins on it, it started the white smoke thing. I never looked at it, but he took it back to the dealer and they put a head gasket on it, and changed the plugs and gave it back to him. The head gasket and plugs didnt fix the problem!!! He told them that he wanted a new ski since it only had 45 mins on it. After talking to a Kawi rep and the dealer they gave him a new one.

    I HOPE that you problem can be resolved without any problems.

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    My oil smells like gas too ....I have 20hrs on it and I'm changing the oil on Tuesday... (gonna run full synthetix - Amsoil)

    I'm gonna check the oil every 3 hrs to see if the smell returns... someone mentioned that the rings don't seat for a few hours...

    I've read to change the oil every 10hrs (which seems a little excessive to me) but then again this is my first waverunner...

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