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    97Xp new rebuild engine starting Problem

    I rebuilt the engine with new top proX piston and rings and purchased a rebuilt crank with all gaskets and seals, cleaned carbs and internal filters, RV timed, new fuel mix for break in, oil injection is blocked off, Fresh valves, new ground wires, I cranked over a few times to get fuel in the carbs, spark is good, It started and ran for about 2 minutes with heavy smoke. It stopped, tried to start again and it justs trickles a little and dies. Pulled plugs and put new ones in, It seems that its getting to much fuel. The carb low screws are at 1 turn out. I adjusted to lean at 3/4 turn and same thing. It didn't backfire. Back and forth I troubleshooted but nothing changed. My thought is to recheck the RV timing again and make sure the magneto cup is correct on the flywheel. I could use some fresh thoughts and steps to check. Thanks
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    If it ran fine for 2 mins with heavy smoke, your timing is fine.

    You may have oil-fouled your plugs. Were they wet when you looked themn? If so pull them out and spray them down with Brake Cleaner.

    If that doesn't help, I'd check your needle and seats. Did you rebuild the carbs, or just clean them when you rebuilt the engine?


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    I just cleaned and inspected the carbs. Everything looked very good. I will check again on the needles and seats and probably replace. The first set of plugs were new but yes the plugs were oily afterwards. Question?? if I pull the plugs and they still spark after being fouled, what effects them from working properly again before using break cleaner?

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    The oil conducts electricity and makes them spark less. In non-technical terms.

    Get a pop-off tester. If you don't have one, get one. If your pop-off is low the fuel pump will pump gas right past the needle and seat, right through the jets, and create a problem like you're describing. There's no metering of the fuel.

    Take a look at that thread, it has some info on how to make one.


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    Ok, I pulled the carbs and checked pop off pressure. It drops at about 35-40 psi ON BOTH CARBS. I checked the rotary valve timing and and it's right on. I checked fuel lines again and check valve outlet. Good there. I tried starting again with some fuel placed in carbs and starting fluid. It barely starts and back fires out the of the Mag carb. It still seems to not to be getting fuel. I don't feel fuel mist coming out of spark plug holes when cranking over.How strong should the pulse line be pushing air? Any additional thoughts would be great. I might pull the Mag cover and check the magneto cup.

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