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    2006 RXP cutting out.

    Hey all, longtime lurker, first time poster.

    Had my RXP out this weekend and it did something it's never done before, and that I can't successfully recreate every time.

    When gagging it to make it jump from a dead stand still after 3-4 hops it will do this: The RPM's drop by half, the unit does not respond to any attempt to throttle it back up for a few seconds. It's almost like you've pulled the Kill Switch. It seems to be doing it when i'm at or near the redline but not really going anywhere (doing spins, circles, jumping it, etc)

    Is that the rev-limiter kicking in? Or something more sinister like supercharger clutch slippage? I've got all kinds of half arsed theories, so I thought I'd ask the experts.

    26 hours, no serious mods: R&D intake grate, and Solas 14/19 impeller. Never did it before the mods, not that I think they have anything to do with it.

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    If it sort of stutters, and will not respond to throttle input, it is your TOPS sensor.

    This is a sensor that senses extreme angles and will cut the throttle.

    This sensor is a PITA if you ask me.

    I get this condition when I wave jump once and awhile.

    There is a way to disable the switch.

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    AH, I had no idea there was such a sensor.

    It makes sense because I was trying to get it as sideways as I could. I'll have to ride it normal for a bit, then try that stuff again and see what happens.

    Thanks for the input.

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