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    Took a Rod Bearing Tonite

    Well I was out on the river when it started to loose power. I shut her down, took it home and pulled it apart. The center rod bearing was gone. And maybe I'm loosing it, but it looked like sand inside the cylinder and bass. The other two are A-1. Is it possible for it to have sand in it or is it morethen likely shavens from the bearing. Donald

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    So where would be the best place to get a crank and where would be the best place to get piston kits and gaskets, and whatever else I need? Are these nickel bore? Donald

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    You are lucky,I am working on a friends 05' stock GPR with 68 hrs.His broke the #2 rod and the cylinder.
    We are going back with original pistons and rings ,Crankworks crank.
    yes the cyls. are nikasil
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    There is a new cyl and piston on ebay right now for the 05-07 in case you need one.

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    Carl over at Island Racing referred me to "Hot Rods" for the crank.. OEM specs but with beefed up rods.

    If you have some experience with these things, you can bore your old cylinder out, and have it re-nickelified..Then order a piston to match from Pro-X
    Otherwise, look on the forum for a good used cylinder and piston set (they're matched)

    Gaskets, I'm told you can re-use most gaskets (the yamaha manual says to replace all of them)
    I'm replacing all of mine.. I've been told that is the cheapest and fastest & they sell OE from Yamaha.
    DEFINATELY replace your head gasket. Buy it OE, they've got a rubberized coating that the SBT gaskets do not have.

    As for the sand, I couldn't tell you.. short of foul play, the only way to get sand in your cylinder is to suck it up through the intake..You don't have sand in the bottom of your ski, do you?
    Mine was DEFINATELY remnants of the bearing. I've got 4 balls missing from my bearing, and there were none in the crankcase
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuxxy View Post
    If you have some experience with these things, you can bore your old cylinder out, and have it re-nickelified..Then order a piston to match from Pro-X

    Actually, you order the piston first and they will bore the cylinder to fit the piston.

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