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Thread: elec probs.

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    elec probs.

    i have a 92 650 and i just put in a new motor yesterday and i went to turn it over the motor and all i got was click click click and no turn over. it sounded like a relay from the elec box. what did i do wrong? is it a bad connection? or a fuse maybe? pleases help i want to go take it out before summer is over thanks

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    Is your ground wire on and secure with a clean connection? Make sure battery is fully charged. If so, try putting 12V directly to the starter via the battery cable inside the elec. box. Use a HEAVY gauge wire like a jumper cable and touch the battery positive to the solenoid lug going to the starter. CAUTION: it will spark, make sure no fumes are present that can cause a fire. Let us know what you find.

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    Did you verify the engine spun freely before the install?

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