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    I might have a oil leak in the RXP

    If you all can look at this photo and tell me does this looks like an oil leak to you. If you can check your ski out and see does your look the same?? It looks like it may be comeing from around the threads of the bolt I have circle in the picture.

    It is in the second Album label "Power Filter" If it is coming fomr around the bolt I was thinking I can back it out and put something around the threads. Or I might just take it to the dealer, I have a real good relationship with them and they have looked out for me on a couple of things and with the stock intake gone it wont be an issue.
    also i have got afew pictures of the cracks in the gelcoat. The dealer is still trying to work with SD to get it fixed at no charge.

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    Jr. if it is leaking just back that plug out and put some thread sealant on it and reinstall. Should be good to go!

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    Yes, do what hulk said, It happened to me take out put sealent or lock-tite, problem sloved.

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