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    Bilge pump and trim have no voltage after start

    My 1996 SL900 has no voltage to the orange wire that delivers power to the bilge and trim switch for switching the trim up and down. Looks to me like the regulator LR23 has something to do with it since I jump 12v to the orange wire and both the trim and bilge operate perfectly.

    Question is, what wire in my electrical box can I use to temporarily jump 12v to the orange wire when the engine is running? I know that I should replace the LR-23 if that is the problem, but I am going on vacation in a few days and want this stuff to operate. The only wire going to the regulator that might be it is the yellow.



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    Next day air a new one. Don't ruin your ride trying to jerry rig something.

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    Don't relocate the yellow wire, you will more than likely ruin your stator!!!!
    IF you have to do anything run a wire from the starter solenoid (large red wire from the battery) to the orange spade on the electrical board. Use a fuse in case the bilge or trim motors are bad. Be sure to remove the orange wire leading from the LR-23 to the board.
    Remember this alteration WILL leave the bilge running and kill the battery if a switch is not installed at your new power line in the electrical box.
    This suggestion is for emergencies only and should not be used for anything but testing purposes.

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    Boy, glad I posted the question instead of trying something that would have screwed up my stator.

    Thank you for the info, I know exactly what to do and have both voltage regulators on order.

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