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    1996 polaris slt 780 intermitant hesitation and low power,any ideas?

    I have a 96 slt 780.I installed an sbt block in it 3 years ago.ran excellant the first year.2nd year in the water i noticed a hesitation off idle and top speed was would max out at 35mph,then after wot for about 10 seconds it would take off to 49 mph.I have played with the carb adjustments till i'm blue with no luck.water seperator is clean,compression is 80 psi all 3 seems i have to lean the carbs more than what i consider normal.high speed screw is about 1 turn open,low is about 1 and a half.Another strange thing is when seems to clear out at wot it pulls hard,if you turn right it contiues to pull very hard,if you turn left it boggs right down almost as if i'm loosing a cylinder or its flooding. it does start fine and idles good.I have no idea why turning would have anything to do with it.I also noticed that when i had the air filter housing off,the front two carbs left oil splashes on the body,the rear 1 didn't.not sure if that means anything.I have been a volvo tech for 25 years and usually do pretty well on my own,but this 1"S got me.Any help would be very appeciated,Thankyou.Keith
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    i would remove the carburetors and rebuild/clean them out. i would also check out the fuel pump and replace the diaphrams. check out the whole fuel system, fuel lines, inline fuel filter, the pulse line. and the air check valve at the tank. fuel cap for proper sealing.

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    Compression is way low, you should be in the 120 range. And hard turns does indicate a carb condition. According to Randy's (Watcon) carb tuning tips in the tech section, it can help identify a lean or rich condition depending on which direction you turn. Try cleaning the carbs as suggested, recheck your compression, and print out the tuning tips.

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    Thank you for your help, and could you please send me the link for the tuning tips I couldn't find them on the watcon site. Thank you.

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