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Thread: PSI pipe

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    PSI pipe

    would a psi pipe be a decent upgrade for a 96 sl 780?

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    Depends on how much you spend on it.

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    Do a search for PSI pipe and also do a search for dry pipe. It's supposed to be an upgrade but there is a lot more to it than just slapping on the pipe.

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    To be truely effective, you need the 44's, a good FA, 785cdi (to get the higher revs), and of course a good impeller.

    Saying that, you can accomplish just about the same thing without it. It is just a direction that some of us are taking in hopes of a sweet ride.

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    The PSI pipe in question, is it a long or short pipe? I've only seen long pipes, but they pictured a short in the PSI brochure we have posted on here. I'm running the long pipe currently on my 750, but never had the stocker on to compare it to. When I spoke to Joby, a former PSI employee, he made mention to me the pipe was never designed for the 780. So I'm not exactly sure what kind of benefits the pipe may have for a 780. I will be trying it on my 780 when I get that SOB going. I'll post results on that one too.

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