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    Wet key fob = No start

    Some times my 05 RXT will not start if I get the key fob wet. I just get the one long beep which denotes I have the wrong key. A friend of mine told me to blow out the water and most times it works. As long as the key is dry no problems but if I get it wet it takes several tries to get my ski restarted. Is this a common problem with our skies? Any ideas as to a fix other than donít get it wet.

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    First time I have ever heard of that one. I jump off my ski all the time at the lake with the lanyard on my vest. When I get back on and plug the lanyard in, it fires right up.

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    Look inside the key fob. This happened to me a few times. Found out there was a little debris Keeping the key from inserting properly. But that was out and never had the problem since.

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    +1 with red devil..... all the time

    plus it isn't lodgical to think that water would cause this.... your on a vehicle that is 100% made to be wet...

    if no debris like dewalt said then maybe start thinkin the post.... cause this shouldn't happen...

    try taking the learning key with you and next time it happens get the learning key out(which should be dry) and see if you get the same problem...

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    We've got the same thing... wasn't sure what it was, but wiping off the contact and blowing out the key seem to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly'n Dutchman View Post
    We've got the same thing... wasn't sure what it was, but wiping off the contact and blowing out the key seem to help.
    i had the same problem last year, i had to put the novice key in and run it 10 seconds then all was fine

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    Sometimes if I don't push it all the way onto the post it will beep and not start.

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    buy a new key is my suggestion, and obviously get the new key programmed.... 05 was a tempermental time for DESS keys on 4-tecs

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