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    R&d Power Plenum Question

    I was thinking about purchasing an R&D pro lock power plenum.
    My question is, will installation of the power plenum require any adjustments to the carbs?
    If so, is it a simple thing to do and what would those settings be?
    Thanks guys.

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    I assume you have a 1200r.
    Yes, you need to rejet the carbs.
    The simplest solution is to send them off to carl @ island racing and he will set them up for you.
    I bought his jet kit and did it myself. I had never rejet/rebuilt a pwc carburater before. It was rather quite simple if you're mechanically inclined and you follow the carb rebuilding document by fercho in the how to section. I also read the mikuni manual, front to back several times and had the utmost confidence that I could do the job myself. I built my own pop-off tester and it worked great. I have the power plenum & went with a 125 main jet, 110 pilot, 1.5 needle & seat, 95 gram spring. I removed the choke plates, accelerator pump and blocked off the crossover channels. Others have used a 120 or 122.5 main jet with success. If you research jetting on this forum, you will come up with many opinions by experienced tuners regarding the proper main jet size for your setup. I have unfortunately only had my boat out twice this season. There's no bogging or hesitating so I will conclude that I was successful. If you are fuel injected with throttle bodies then ignore everything I just posted.

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